new era graphic style
The New Era of strategy games

We are working on our very first stand alone strategy game. Since we haven’t come up with the final name yet the project is called “New Era”. Why New Era? We want to create a fresh strategy game that bring back attention to the strategy market. Only a few strategy multiplayer stick around for long and most are forgotten between the current gaming meta.

New Era is a concept with some beloved RTS mechanics but we also want to soften it up to make it a fast, tactical and exciting experience without stressing people out by a long learning curve. We want it easy to play but hard to master. To archive that goal we are taken in mechanics and attributes of other genres to make this strategy game a new experience.

What features are we planning?
Multiplayer with 1v1 and 3v3 combats

Different playable races

Variety of map objects

Play against humans or AI

Send different units

Upgrade units and buildings

We want to get the strategy players together.  While we will offer the traditional 1v1 action which dominates the RTS eSports section, we also aim for the team based flair we see in the modern MOBAs. We want people to work together to archive the victory. Furthermore we are going to use more than just the common RTS mechanics to bring in a unique gameplay.

High graphic standards

We may not be experienced as other game developers but that does not hold us back to shoot for the stars. To archive a strategy game that fits into the modern gaming library of any gamer we work with high quality models and high resolution assets to get you into the strategy mood.

High graphic standards

More information will be added with time!