I recently started to create a business plan for our new project New Era. As a Master student in business administration it was really awesome to actually have a class called business plan. And guess what… I have it this semester. (OK, was planned this was ^^)

Normally it is possible to write a plan with only one person but as a requirement in class I had to form a team with at least 3 people. The situation was like this: Everyone could present a business idea in the very first class. After all presentation the students should form teams by asking the person with the best ideas or presentations. Before the first class I worried a lot because I did not know how many students are into gaming since I was quite new at this university.

Well, I prepared myself for the first class with all my worries: “Will they like gaming? Will they like the idea? Will they think it will be too much work?” I finished my Power Point presentation, took some screenshots, even printed out a handout… and yes, I actually overdid it 😛

handout class
My handout for the class

After the first two presentation I felt like the only one with a Power Point presentation and so I was. I impressed my fellow students with a great presentation and some screenshot that  very pretty pre-pre-pre-pre Alpha stuff but who cares. Many people ask me about our project and wanted to become a part of it. Also people asked for dates like the beta release… we don’t know ^^

In the end I was asked by a whole team if it was possible to work on the business plan for the project. Actually they had an own idea and could form an own group but my presentation was so good they wanted to join. And so the business plan journey starts.

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