We are students with the dream to make an impact in the gaming industry. We truly believe in the art of video games but creating a career in this branch is not as easy as it seems. Many game developers don’t have the financial strength to employ trainees so we came up with the idea to start our own video game.

With the dream of becoming a part of the gaming industry we started working on our first stand alone Game in March 2016.

Out Game History

Back in 2010 we decided to start our first modification project for a popular game from a well known company. We used the game Editor to fulfill a small dream: Our own mod. Soon we found players that fell in love with our small addition to the Arcade scene and some of them play it to this day.

After 3 years of experience we started another project. At that time we where fascinated by the biggest eSports MOBA game of all time. Since we had our own ideas about a MOBA, we enhanced the large map with a lot of different quests, camps and buildings to conquer and defend.

In 2015 we finished our last arcade mod. Reach and Breach is a tug of war based game in tradition of the old fantasy style. With Reach and Breach we also participated in a modder competition. We went toe to toe with the best modders of the world and made it into the Top 10 finalists.